CADAR bikers on Cambridgeshire Police BikeSafe Ride To Work event 2012
CADAR bikers joined the Cambridgeshire Police BikeSafe Ride To Work into Cambridge.
This picture from the A603 is courtesy and the copyright of Andy Chatfield.

A message from Peter Vasey, Senior Bike Tutor:

"I joined CADAR, or CADG as it was at the time, after having a contra-temps with a van on the A505. I was lucky to get away with it, I only suffered bruising, which is remarkable as I hit the van at around 40mph, and veered off into lane 2. The kind police officer reported me for 'riding without due care and attention' which turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me in my 12 years of riding.

I was offered a Driver Improvement Scheme which was a real eye opener. This advanced riding lark was great, I was hooked. I spent 6 months going through training with one of CADAR's Tutors, with my head in the Highway Code and Motorcycle Roadcraft and on a cold November morning, took my test and passed with a Gold! Since then, I have become more and more involved in motorcycle safety and now I ride more safely, I ride faster and smoother than ever before. It's great!"

At CADAR we have a very experienced pool of motorcycle Tutors, all ready to provide you with the skills you need to pass your test, and more importantly, keep you alive on the road. Skills including hazard awareness, 360 degree vision, positioning and motorcycle control. All RoSPA training uses the Police system of vehicle control, a system developed over many years and it is not diluted in its delivery to our members. You will be taught to ride using the same system the Police Class 1 Riders do.

You will be followed on your motorbike by a Tutor on their own motorcycle. You will stop from time to time to discuss what has happened and how you can improve your riding. All lessons are free to members but some people like to give a donation to their Tutor to pay for petrol, although this is not required.

You can begin the training for just the price of the membership. What's stopping you? Join us!

Many of our motorcyclists come to CADAR via the Cambridgeshire Police Bikesafe route which is well worth checking out.

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