Authorised Group Documents

Our group's constitution contains technical details of how the group is organised.
(Approved by SGM February 2018)
This manual is designed to establish good practices for anyone driving at night or in conditions of reduced visibility.
The General Data Protection Regulations require us to say what data we hold on our members, what it is used for and to to gain their consent for that use, this document explains RoADARC's policy about this.
We have to obtain your consent to use your data in the ways specified in our GDPR document above, please check your present consents by signing into (you can use the Sign In Without Password option if you have forgotten you password). If you wish to change anything then please follow the instructions on the consent form.

External Links

RoADARC takes no responsibility for any content of external sites and do not necessarily approve of, or agree with the information they give.

RoSPA Advanced Drivers And Riders, our parent organisation. Find out all about the RoSPA advanced driving test and other information about advanced driving.
A list of other RoADAR groups across the UK, if you do not live in Cambridgeshire.
Online version of the Highway Code.
Produced by RoSPA and funded by Dept of Transport, this website helps older drivers to understand the legal requirements, and to cope with changes associated with getting older.
A charity which offers free help to people who have been affected by fatal road collisions.
A massive site covering all matters of advanced driving. A great source of information for anything you want to know.
Forum for advanced driving matters.
The Cambridgeshire Police BikeSafe scheme is supported by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership. The Cambridgeshire police team follow the national BikeSafe curriculum, using video, power point and other presentation media to deliver the workshops. Many of our motorcyclists come to CADAR via the BikeSafe route.
RoSPA advice and information for parents and young drivers on how to be safer on the road.
Government website about road safety. This has lots of posters and information about road safety campaigns.
The East Anglian Air Ambulance is probably who will come out to you if you or you family have a serious road accident (or other medical problem).
Alconbury Driving Centre Alconbury Driving Centre provides paid-for training for cars and motorbikes and commercial customers.
European Driving Laws Thinking of driving in Europe? - ensure you know the rules of the road that are different from our own.
Driving and Dementia We do sometimes get asked when people should stop driving, we are not qualified to make that judgement but here is some info on one reason when it might be an idea to give up the keys.
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