Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people join the Advanced Drivers and Riders?

The main reason people give for joining the group is that they want to know that they are driving or riding as safely as possible. Some people have had an accident and partly blame themselves, or realise that they have forgotten a lot of what they had learnt in their driving test. Everyone who joins wants to make their driving or riding better, and all achieve that.

I am already a good driver/rider. I have never had an accident. What can the group do for me?

Remember that 80% of drivers think that they are above average. It is always difficult to tell how good you are. You may well be a good driver or rider, but everyone can improve and make their driving or riding better and safer. Even the tutors of our group have lessons to ensure that their standards have not slipped, and they still have to re-take their test every three years. Why not come to one of our public meetings and take advantage of a free check.

Is it expensive to become an advanced driver or rider?

No. Your annual membership of the group costs only £10 and for that you will get all the tuition you need. You can remain a member for as long as you wish, by simply paying your subscription each year. If you choose to take your RoSPA Advanced Driving Test at the end of your training, then you will have to pay for that. The current cost is £62 for driving and £68 for riding. The RoSPA Advanced Driving Certificate must be renewed every three years, to ensure that you have not forgotten what you have learnt.

How long will it take to pass the test?

Most people who join the group take about one year to pass their test, if they have a one hour lesson every two weeks. Obviously, it depends on how experienced a driver or rider you are when you start and how quickly you learn. Your tutor will give you as many lessons as you require.

Do I have to take the test?

No. You can just have a few lessons if you wish, then walk away. We encourage people to take the test if they want to, but is is not a requirement. Our aim is to improve the driving and riding standards of our members. The test is just proof of that improvement.

Is there an age limit on joining the group?

There is no age limit. Full membership can start as early as your 18th birthday and there is no upper limit. Our members range in age from about 20 to over 80 with a fairly even spread. There are slightly more men than women. We would normally expect people who join the group to have held a full driving licence for at least a year, but this is not a hard and fast rule.

I don't live in Cambridgeshire. Can I still join the group?

Most of our tutors live in Cambridgeshire. The best thing to do is to send an e-mail to the address at the top of this page with your nearest village or town name and stating whether you are interested in driving or riding. The car or bike tutor co-ordinator will then be able to advise whether there is tutor coverage within a workable range.

I have never been to one of your meetings, what are they like?

Meetings are free and open to anyone, even if you are not a member. See our meetings page for details.

Do I need to have a fast car or bike to be an advanced driver or rider?

No. Members of the group have all sorts of different vehicles. Small or large, old or new, it doesn't matter. What is important is that you want to control your vehicle safely, and that is what we can help you to do.

Can you guarantee that I will not have an accident after passing the Advanced Driving or Riding Test?

Sadly, no. But people who have passed an advanced driving/riding test are much less likely to have an accident. You will be taught how to see hazards earlier, how to cope with dangers better and how to handle your vehicle skilfully. Some insurance companies recognise this by giving up to 30% reduction on your premium if you have passed an advanced driving test. If you want to reduce the likelihood of having an accident, remember that 95% of accidents are caused by driver error.

The tutors are volunteers, why do they give up their time for free?

There is not really a good answer to this. All tutors hold a current RoSPA Advanced Driving/Riding Certificate, and want to help other people to drive or ride more safely. It is very pleasing to see drivers and riders improve their skills. After you have passed your test, you may, if you wish, have further training and then become a tutor yourself, but this is not for everyone.

I have a specific question about driving or riding, can you answer it?

Yes. Simply send us an email. You will get a personal response with a detailed answer to your question. Your e-mail address will not be passed on to anyone else other than the officers of this group without your permission and you will not get ANY junk mail.

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